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Do animal cells have chloroplasts

first of all plant cells have 1 vacuole, while animal cells have more then 1. also, plant cells contain chloroplast, which is key for photosynthesis, plant cells have this, while animal cells.

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Both animal and plant cells have mitochondria, but only plant cells have chloroplasts. Once the sugar is made, it is then broken down by the mitochondria to make energy for the cell. Because animals get sugar from the food they eat , they do not need chloroplasts: just mitochondria..

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1 Answer. Yes, most of this is possible - under some conditions -, and animals and animal cells can acquire chloroplasts, and use them. E.g.: see Elysia chlorotica whose cells actively take up chloroplasts and use them, and keep them alive (though not replicating). - Though some genes of algae are also contained in the Elysia chlorotica genome.

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Commonalities of energy processing in both plants and animals have become even stronger by the finding that chloroplast can be found in animal cells. Why are chloroplasts found in animal cells? Chloroplasts are found in plant cells but not in animal cells. The purpose of the chloroplast is to make sugars that feed the cell’s machinery.

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Therefore power-hungry cells have more mitochondria than cells with lower energy needs. For example repeatedly stimulating a muscle cell will spur the production of more mitochondria in that cell to keep up with energy demand. What types of cells would have more mitochondria ? The answer to this question is heart muscle cells ..

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